Flute, My Mare of the Night Sky

I’m a huge fan of ann wood handmade. I go and check her blog everyday, just to make sure that she hasn’t written something new, and I have bought several of her patterns. Well, last night, I was searching for something to do, and just out of way of habit, I strolled my browser over to Ann’s sight. For fun, I went to see her very first post in her archives, and as I was scrolling through, I came across her cardboard horses.

Echo, a doll I made from Ann Wood Handmade’s pattern of Miss Dahlia.

I had seen them before, so they weren’t exactly new, but last night somehow hit the spot, and I decided to make one.

Flute Color

Please meet Flute, my mare of the night sky.

I dunno, but she kind of looks like a mare to me. 🙂

She is, to tell you the truth, made up of the remains of a Matzoh box, painted white for a base and then splattered with some ink for texture along with a painted mane and hooves. I LOVE having the ability to do anything I want to these horses. Or maybe it’s just that I’ve had an intensive academic year, and creativity to the extent of splattering ink from my fountain pen on some cardboard is a novelty, I’m not sure. But I’m on to my second one, body and legs cut out of a discard photograph of my father’s. I’ll posting pictures of that one when it’s finished.


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